- Votre univers radio

Today marks the launch of our new English-speaking platform as well as a bold redesign for our established platforms across Europe. transforms any smartphone, tablet and laptop into a radio. The scope offered in the radio app and the website includes more than 20,000 stations, web radio stations and podcasts, ranging from famous FM stations and genre-specific web radios to news and talk programs and special interest podcasts. with its numerous features is your perfect companion throughout the day - including the in-app radio alarm clock, the radio website to use while at work, and even a radio sleep timer to help you fall asleep at night.

Radio connects people not just locally but globaly. Still our favorite radiostations make us feel right at home, where ever we are. The App is available in 14 languages in the app stores worldwide.

We want to deliver you the best radio experience. With our brand new design we put your favorite stations in the center and give you the right tools to discover new stations every time you feel like it. Our international team is working every day to keep our handcurated database up to date and to expand its scope with even more stations.

With the bold redesign of our whole product, we build a new technological platform to iterate faster, embracing the new ways you can listen to your favorite content from around the world.

- Bernhard Bahners, Managing Director of // GmbH